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Dan Grossman is a committed volunteer with a 42-year record of community service in Thetford, Vermont.  As a volunteer photographer, he is not compensated, in any way, for the pictures you will find on this site.  He volunteers his time and uses all his own professional equipment.  If you order prints, all of the payment goes to the printer, and none goes to Dan Grossman.  The costs of printing are nominal: SmugMug charges 19 cents for a 4x6, for example.

Chelsea Geoffrey, who earned a B.F.A. in photography in 2012, often cooperates with me on volunteer projects.  It has been a pleasure for me to have her bring her keen eye for framing and composition, as well as a formal approach to photography to our efforts.

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In 2012 I changed from Fotki.com to SmugMug.com for posting my pictures.  Fotki had gotten crankier and crankier.  My pictures before July 2012 are on Fotki.com.  The pictures I have taken since July 2012 are at SmugMug.com

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